You’ve got mail – now if only you could find it

A new study from IBM Research says organizing folders for your e-mail messages is a waste of time if you’re looking for easy retrieval.

The study analysed 345 users’ 85,000 episodes of sifting through their e-mails in search of messages. Those without any e-mail organization found their messages faster than those employees opting for folder storage.

How so? By simply using the search function in their e-mail program. Those users also don’t have to worry about the time it takes to create folders for e-mail messages.

The study also recommends keeping conversations in existing threads so everyone is communicating on the same page so to speak. There’s even “super threading” – which automatically groups every discussion you’ve had with a colleague about a specific project, no matter how many exchanges there have been.

Here’s more:

Thanks to Simply Communicate for this snippet.

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