What kind of noise are you making?

Recently I was without many of the things people consider essential for a week.   Identity fraud meant I didn’t have a bank card. My phone and email account was hacked and my landline co-incidentally had a fault so I was left with no landline or broadband. Not great for a communication business!

I had one email address still running and luckily my smart phone was still smart enough to function. But surprisingly despite the fact my channels of communication were limited I still was lucky enough to have some new business come in. Why was this, I reflected?

I think the ‘noise’ that I had created was still resonating and creating opportunities – so a social media presence was still there, online & print PR/advertising was still working, and referrals from colleagues and previous clients were still coming in.

What kind of ‘noise’ are you creating to keep your business front of mind?

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