>Volunteering works – can you help raise a million?

>Karen’s volunteer work with The Prince’s Trust continues. The Prince’s Trust’s has been very successful in the last year, helping 44,000 young people through a variety of schemes to get them into employment, education and training (EET). The Princes’ Trust achieved its target to get 80% of its young people into EET – in a year where 1 in 5 are unemployed this is an excellent and impressive result by the young people.

Karen supports the Leaving Care scheme, one of only two in the country. She mentors disadvantaged young people who are in care, or leaving care, to become more independent and self sufficient.

Of course fundraising is always vital to support the Trust and we highlight an opportunity below that can gives great benefit to an organisation.

Could your company be a million-maker?

In this current climate does your company need:
• To engage, inspire and motivate your people?
• To cut the cost of training whilst delivering continued personal development?
• To be socially responsible and raise your public profile?

Million Makers is a no-cost learning and development tool proven to build essential skills and motivate your employees. Teams are faced with a very real challenge in turning an initial capital sum into profit.

Many companies benefit each year from this team building programme, called Million Makers, guided and supported by the Trust with initial seed funding of up to £1500 per team.

Studies show that when employees achieve something challenging, the pressure more often than not has a positive effect on their level of psychological well being, in turn linked to an improved performance in the workplace. (Robertson, Birch, Cooper 2009)

If you would like to know more or to put forward a team please get in touch with Karen or contact getinvolved@princes-trust.org.uk or call The Princes Trust on 020 7543 1250 www.princes-trust.org.uk

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