>The Engaging Leader

>Are you engaging our people or still in ‘command and tell’mode?

Do your people submit ideas or suggestions or are they frustrated getting you to listen?

At worst, is the Board at each other’s throats behind closed doors?

What do we measure?

Trust – do leaders inspire trust, listen to their people and demonstrate integrity and respect?
Inspiration – are leaders good role models who inspire people to go the extra mile?
Clarity – do leaders deliver clarity about strategy and what people need to do?
Credibility – do leaders show genuine interest in people and are they easily accessible?
Consistency – do leaders show constancy and focus over time?

What are the Benefits?
• Arms you with knowledge about why, how and where improvements can be made, so you can focus on meaningful business elements and use available funds wisely
• Helps develop cohesive high performing teams at board level resulting in common goals and increased effectiveness
• Enhances reputation and credibility of leaders and the business, both internally and externally
• Builds two way communication and understanding between leaders, senior management and their people, building greater loyalty, job satisfaction and people retention
• Gives communication teams a sound basis on which to create their communication strategy and plans, to build improved effectiveness

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