Left, right, left, right

Our brain can find it a struggle to complete other relatively simple tasks that involve using our left and right brain simultaneously …

It was Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry who examined the workings of the brain by dissecting it to discover that the left brain likes linear, structure, order and the right brain is about pattern recognition, instincts and gut feel.

Another brain scientist Paul Mclean wrote about the ‘Tri-une brain’. 

  • The Reptilian brain – responsible for biological and physical functions
  • The Mammalian brain – the limbic system responsible for the social and emotional aspects, for our sense of personal security and risk aversion. This is where fight or flight takes place. It’s also where we control needs like hunger and libido.
  • The Neo-Cortex brain – this is where the cognitive and conceptual thinking takes place. It’s like the Executive Director of the brain where our strategic thinking takes place.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said ‘Know Thyself’.

By being more aware of our brain functions and understanding how we can fine tune the machine that is our brain we can manage our state more effectively. Coaching and profile assessments are the first step in understanding more about ourselves.

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