Keeping a weather-eye on conversation

The weather is actually a great way to start a conversation. According to the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to make people feel comfortable we should start by talking about the environment around us.

This is probably why a lot of the more successful ‘small talk’ conversations begin with discussions about the journey (wasn’t the traffic bad?), the surroundings (what a lovely cafe this is?) or the refreshments (what do you think of the coffee?).

NLP wisdom says that, however tempting, we shouldn’t dive in with a question beginning with ‘Why?’  as this is one of the more difficult questions for people to answer.

For example, ‘Why did you become a doctor?’ as a first question would mean the individual revealing rather more about themselves than they might like, than asking a more palatable question such as ‘You’re a doctor, that’s interesting, where is your

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