>How are you feeling?


Did you know that your wellbeing can be analysed using a ‘Personal Wellness Profile’ which measures against these factors. How do you think you would score in each?

1: Satisfaction with Lifestyle
2: Coping with Pressure
3: Wellness Behaviours
4: Managing Personal Health and Work Issues
5: Attitudes towards an Active Lifestyle
6: Mental Well-being
7: Pace of Life
8: Physical Health
9: Stress
10: Demographic/Biometric data

You may feel stressed and under pressure just reading the list!

But just by naming and labelling the emotion you are feeling can reduce the levels of stress in your life, according to author David Rock.

If you understand how your brain works and what brain functions kick in at certain times it can help you to manage your ‘state’ – one of the fundamental NLP principles.

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