Do these type of headlines fill you with fear?

Or do you get out there and start networking?

For many people it’s networking that fills them with fear, prevents them making useful connections and keeping up with news and trends in their industry.

Karen attended a recent networking event on a river cruise (this is the most feared of all networking events as you are part of a captive audience which can’t get off the boat when you have had enough!)

This event was with people from the Property industry – the majority of whom really know how to network and keep in contact with their prospects and customers. (A clue – it involved a copious amount of alcohol)

But what is the secret to effective networking? 

The key to networking is to think ‘help’ not ‘sell’ according to networking guru Will Kintish. Networking provides many other benefits apart from just generating business: 

  • Events can be enjoyable and unusual – treasure hunts, fashion shows, golf days
  • Social – you can make good friends, partners and allies
  • You can keep in touch with existing clients – where it’s estimated 80% of your business can come from
  • You can keep up to date with the latest information and trends
  • You gain more knowledge about your client’s industry, needs and challenges
  • It’s possible to source potential new employees
  • Check out new suppliers
  • And find that all important new job!

But the primary reason is to spot the opportunity whatever it might be for you.

If you would like more tips included in our free guide to networking contact Karen.

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