>Confidence and Motivation Workshop


We recently ran a workshop with a difference.
12 talented but stressed women.
From all walks of life, working in different fields and with diverse life experiences.
Undergoing significant change in the workplace and preparing for more.
Feeling uncertain about the future, de-motivated and devalued, with low self esteem and lack of confidence.
So what did we do differently?

How We Change People Inside

The first part of the workshop was based around normal topics such as

– communicating during change
– planning communication objectives
– motivating and engaging people
– developing personal communication skills
– managing upwards and how to give effective feedback.
The unusual part was where we took all 12 people and used relaxation, guided visualisation, trance and hypnotic suggestion to
– reduce stress
– build confidence
– improve self esteem and motivation.
You might think people would be resistant to these techniques but they loved it!
They left feeling refreshed and valued, de-stressed, energised, confident and ready for the future challenges.
Included in the session were topics such as
– nerves and how to overcome them
– the signs of stress and how to recognise them
– practical steps to overcome stress
– how to overcome personal shyness
– how to be more assertive
– building rapport
– understanding non-verbal behaviour
Courses usually go through the mechanics of change. But of course change is a highly emotional, personal process and this is not always addressed in theoretical change workshops.
Change workshops need to give people an understanding of the change process and also help them at an individual level to deal with it both intellectually and emotionally, especially in the context of the heightened emotions generated by the credit crunch.
This added dimension of building emotional resilience, self esteem and confidence helps to provide a distinct ‘feel good’ factor as an outcome from the workshop rather than just an increase in understanding.
If you or someone you know could benefit from a workshop like this contact us for your free guide to stress reduction.

To find out how we can tailor a workshop to meet your needs contact Karen on kkimberley@mobileemail.vodafone.net

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