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The Psychology of Colour

At our recent ‘Association of Coaching’ meeting we had a fantastic talk about colour from stylist Judy Craddock from Peppermint Style. We explored what colours say about us as people – do you agree with the thoughts below? And what … Continue reading

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The logic of young minds

A PRE-SCHOOL TEST FOR YOU Which way is the bus travelling? To the Left or to the Right? Can’t make up your mind? Look carefully at the picture again. Still don’t know? Infants all over the United Kingdom were shown … Continue reading

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How one speaker got the X Factor

Apparently public speaking is the number one fear for people – ahead of even dying! So I was especially thrilled to get this feedback from a rather worried client who I’d coached to speak in front of hundreds of people. … Continue reading

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Is your answermachine recording anything like as honest as this?

Is your answermachine recording anything like as honest as this? answering_machine_mfl

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A Future World of Co-operation not Competition

Other religious writers like the American Rev Carla Comiter write about how ‘people express fear about the economy, housing market, unemployment, financial markets and how people have lost homes and businesses.’ She believes all of these losses ‘pale in the … Continue reading

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‘Made to measure’ leaders

The Chartered Institute of PR Awards went ahead in May and Karen was delighted to be invited by her clients Standard Life Investments to attend. They had entered their leadership communication project ‘Made to Measure’ leaders, which Karen guided and … Continue reading

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>The Flight of the Bumblebeezzz

>Those of you who follow Karen on Facebook will know that she has been invaded by bees! She is cultivating a number of them in her loft office and releasing them into the environment (as they are in short supply). … Continue reading

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>This month we won an award and have been entered for another!

>The award was for marketing consistently and effectively using our newsletter and building our database via Constant Contact. Constant Contact chooses small businesses and organizations from different industries for their All Stars award. Criteria for success includes: • Communicating with … Continue reading

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>How does your brain work?

> David Rock’s book ‘The Brain at Work’ shows how critical different brain functions are.It debunks one of the NLP tenets that we can hold up to seven pieces of information in our brain at one time (plus or minus … Continue reading

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>How are you feeling?

> Did you know that your wellbeing can be analysed using a ‘Personal Wellness Profile’ which measures against these factors. How do you think you would score in each? 1: Satisfaction with Lifestyle2: Coping with Pressure3: Wellness Behaviours4: Managing Personal … Continue reading

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