Can we help with your Awayday?

Are you looking for a lively after-lunch session?

If so, we can help – choose from a variety of tailored two hour sessions geared for teams, management and leadership groups.

Indoors or outdoors, we can make sure that the traditional graveyard slot is livened up with some innovative and creative, thought provoking games, ideas, quizzes, physical or mental challenges.

Jay DodsonOur professional trusted team building expert Jay Dodson can help design simple or complex challenges to stretch your team and help improve communication, brainpower, performance or simply build morale or motivation.

We can also recommend diverse training venues including Scout huts, games rooms, go-kart tracks and traditional conference centres. Sessions can include for example:  

  • Teambuilding 3Artificial caving system – Conquer a cave challenge to develop peer support, trust, excellent communication, clear leadership
  • Archery – Practice behaviours that lead to constant performance improvement
  • Rescue Barbie – Discover the effects of different communication styles
  • Teambuilding 2Rocket – Continual design improvement, reflected in performance improvement
  • Acid Lake – Problem solving and constant project review
  • Gridlock – Improve attention to detail and commitment to quality
  • Giant Ballista – Delivering the behaviours message as a complete team

Call us on 01628 509593 to discuss your needs with no obligation.

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