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How much is sickness absence costing your business?

This calculator from Bupa looks at what sickness costs in different sectors. It’s a really useful tool in proving the value of coaching, therapy and communication to maintain the wellbeing of people.

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5 reasons employees keep their mouths shut

We liked this blog by Brett L. Simmons.  Study reveals why workers censor their opinions. Job safety, anyone? There is a difference between employees not speaking up at work because they don’t have anything to say and not speaking up … Continue reading

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Have you joined Google+ yet?

The march of Google continues. After two-and-a-half months in closed testing, Google is preparing to widen the availability of its social network, Google+, to the public. Add Karen to your circles. This link from Simply Communicate explains more:

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Pondering presentations

Here are some thoughts about traditional presentations from our Sydney associate, Cath Lawrence … I was at a conference recently and I ended up pondering that we’re at a really interesting stage in terms of what we expect from presenters … Continue reading

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What is Pecha Kucha?

Last month I attended a meeting run by Extra Group about Pecha Kucha, a presentation technique recognised as stemming from the Japanese art movement as a way of delivering information concisely.   The principle is very simple – 20 slides … Continue reading

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What skills do communicators need now?

We recently attended a talk at the International Association for Business Communicators ( where the recruitment company VMA ( presented research findings about the communication industry. Some of the findings of interest were:      Top five skills for development … Continue reading

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Experience the change curve like never before

We all know about the change curve in theory – and most of us have experienced it in some form at work or in our personal life. But how do we manage people, emotions and communication at each stage of … Continue reading

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Raising Funds to Support The Princes Trust

 We are pleased to support The Princes Trust with an invitation to attend the Clydesdale Bank 40 match between Unicorns and Glamorgan County Cricket Club on Bank Holiday Monday, 29 August 2011 at Wormsley Cricket Club, near Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire. … Continue reading

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See how T Mobile arranged to play angry birds live!

In Korea computer games are so popular you can visit a stadium to view them along with crowds of people. We liked this viral video showing a very different way of playing the highly popular Angry Birds computer game. See … Continue reading

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A Future World of Co-operation not Competition

Other religious writers like the American Rev Carla Comiter write about how ‘people express fear about the economy, housing market, unemployment, financial markets and how people have lost homes and businesses.’ She believes all of these losses ‘pale in the … Continue reading

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