A Future World of Co-operation not Competition

Other religious writers like the American Rev Carla Comiter write about how ‘people express fear about the economy, housing market, unemployment, financial markets and how people have lost homes and businesses.’ She believes all of these losses ‘pale in the light of of global transformation. Crisis often precedes transformation.’

Comiter says ‘as we reach the end of an age, old systems break down.

The negative energy that has been present in race consciousness comes forward to be expressed, released and healed. Our monetary systems are the outward symbols of shared agreements in consciousness. These agreements are always based on assumptions about the nature of reality.

Many of these assumptions are the result of Darwinian thinking, such as survival of the fittest, the fittest and competition for resources.’

More and more, Comiter believes we are realizing the flaws in these assumptions.

‘The future of the human race, and of our planet, depends on cooperation among the life forms, not competition.

There is enough to go around-there always has been. It’s a matter of distribution. As long as we believe that we must hoard our resources, as long as we believe that it is acceptable for the majority of people to live in deprivation, as long as we believe that it is ethical to we can make a profit by exploiting other people, we are stuck in old age fearful thinking.

We are approaching the tipping point; when enough people share the consciousness of the New Age, the old institutions and mores will automatically crumble.

We have seen it before. We saw the Berlin Wall come down.

We saw the end of the Cold War.

We are seeing this now in the collapse of our financial systems.

Just as Feudal Europe gave way to the Renaissance, we are experiencing the birth of a new era-a leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness.’

Comiter ends by adding that the prophets of our age, like Tolle, have been speaking of these times for many years now. It appears we may be witnessing some of their predictions bearing fruit.

If you believe these predictions what will this mean for the Western world and for the way we communicate, compete, collaborate and do business together?

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