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How much is sickness absence costing your business?

This calculator from Bupa looks at what sickness costs in different sectors. It’s a really useful tool in proving the value of coaching, therapy and communication to maintain the wellbeing of people.

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5 reasons employees keep their mouths shut

We liked this blog by Brett L. Simmons.  Study reveals why workers censor their opinions. Job safety, anyone? There is a difference between employees not speaking up at work because they don’t have anything to say and not speaking up … Continue reading

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Have you joined Google+ yet?

The march of Google continues. After two-and-a-half months in closed testing, Google is preparing to widen the availability of its social network, Google+, to the public. Add Karen to your circles. This link from Simply Communicate explains more:

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Pondering presentations

Here are some thoughts about traditional presentations from our Sydney associate, Cath Lawrence … I was at a conference recently and I ended up pondering that we’re at a really interesting stage in terms of what we expect from presenters … Continue reading

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What is Pecha Kucha?

Last month I attended a meeting run by Extra Group about Pecha Kucha, a presentation technique recognised as stemming from the Japanese art movement as a way of delivering information concisely.   The principle is very simple – 20 slides … Continue reading

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What skills do communicators need now?

We recently attended a talk at the International Association for Business Communicators ( where the recruitment company VMA ( presented research findings about the communication industry. Some of the findings of interest were:      Top five skills for development … Continue reading

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Experience the change curve like never before

We all know about the change curve in theory – and most of us have experienced it in some form at work or in our personal life. But how do we manage people, emotions and communication at each stage of … Continue reading

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