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Raising Funds to Support The Princes Trust

 We are pleased to support The Princes Trust with an invitation to attend the Clydesdale Bank 40 match between Unicorns and Glamorgan County Cricket Club on Bank Holiday Monday, 29 August 2011 at Wormsley Cricket Club, near Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire. … Continue reading

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See how T Mobile arranged to play angry birds live!

In Korea computer games are so popular you can visit a stadium to view them along with crowds of people. We liked this viral video showing a very different way of playing the highly popular Angry Birds computer game. See … Continue reading

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A Future World of Co-operation not Competition

Other religious writers like the American Rev Carla Comiter write about how ‘people express fear about the economy, housing market, unemployment, financial markets and how people have lost homes and businesses.’ She believes all of these losses ‘pale in the … Continue reading

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Did this man predict meltdown in the media?

‘We are witnessing not only an unprecedented influx of consciousness at this time but also an entrenchment and intensification of the ego…..But the ego is destined to dissolve and all its ossified structures, whether they be religious or other institutions, … Continue reading

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We are in the Top Three!

We were pleased to find in a recent free website review by Business Link that our website was judged to be in the top three of communication related websites. ‘Your website did stand out as one of the top 3, … Continue reading

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Can we help with your Awayday?

Are you looking for a lively after-lunch session? If so, we can help – choose from a variety of tailored two hour sessions geared for teams, management and leadership groups. Indoors or outdoors, we can make sure that the traditional … Continue reading

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Teamwork and the Tour de France

 The Tour de France has just ended with a gruelling and exciting series of adventures over 3 weeks. Riders crashing out with broken bones, severe injuries, exhaustion and some even disqualified.   A more interesting story is how the tactics and strategy … Continue reading

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What was missing from communication at News International?

“I believe that the effort of communicating, the effort of listening, the effort of respecting each other will be key to actually strengthen the institution…I will do my best. To do so I will count on you. You will be … Continue reading

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