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How to engage with young people

We attended a recent conference on engagement held by the CIPR called Engage Inside.   Of particular interest was a panel discussion with a group of young people, commonly categorised as Generation Y. This group aged approximately 23 and above, are … Continue reading

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Sortlisted for Success*

We are delighted to announce that the recent leadership communication project that we undertook for a renowned investment bank has now been shortlisted, for an award at the Chartered Institute of PR awards in June. Watch this space…! We are … Continue reading

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How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis uses the power of direct positive suggestion to create surprising changes in people’s thinking whilst they are in a trance state. Our conscious minds are the weaker part of our brains and unfortunately this is believed to be where our … Continue reading

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Think positive

By giving others positive suggestions you can also influence their thoughts and behaviour. Why? The brain deletes small words like ‘not’ and ‘don’t’ which are not active descriptive words. For example, if you are asked to not think of a red … Continue reading

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The power of the mind

Just the power of suggestion can be an amazing trigger for physiological responses in human beings. Look at the picture: What taste does it suggest? Can you smell it? Can you feel your mouth start to water?  Your saliva buds should … Continue reading

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