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Less is more

We can only handle a small amount of information in our brain at one time. This was thought by NLP founders, Bandler and Grinder to be between seven and nine pieces of information but now may be as little as … Continue reading

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Left, right, left, right

Our brain can find it a struggle to complete other relatively simple tasks that involve using our left and right brain simultaneously … It was Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry who examined the workings of the brain by dissecting it … Continue reading

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A mind of your own

Between the age of three and sixteen we lose 50% of our synaptic connections, during what is known as the ‘imprint’ period when ‘synaptic pruning’ begins and we begin to establish our personalities. Our brains delete, distort and generalise information – … Continue reading

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Overcoming the fear

The government cuts are a common topic and an obvious cause for anxiety at the moment. For those worrying about the impact of the cuts two interesting phrases we heard from clients recently spring to mind. ‘We have heard there … Continue reading

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>The Flight of the Bumblebeezzz

>Those of you who follow Karen on Facebook will know that she has been invaded by bees! She is cultivating a number of them in her loft office and releasing them into the environment (as they are in short supply). … Continue reading

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>Volunteering works – can you help raise a million?

>Karen’s volunteer work with The Prince’s Trust continues. The Prince’s Trust’s has been very successful in the last year, helping 44,000 young people through a variety of schemes to get them into employment, education and training (EET). The Princes’ Trust … Continue reading

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>The Engaging Leader

>Are you engaging our people or still in ‘command and tell’mode? Do your people submit ideas or suggestions or are they frustrated getting you to listen? At worst, is the Board at each other’s throats behind closed doors? What do … Continue reading

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